My art states in a forthright manner the ancient proposition of the triumph of beauty and truth over injustice. I do not paint the dark side of contemporary existence, for I am dedicated to painting the hope of the future-hope that seeds positive thoughts of love, family and the beauty of the world. The directness of my own brand of abstract expressionism is deeply informed with a rich, cultural, mystical and religious symbolism that connects with people and lends my work its compositional strength.

As a dyslexic, my art is paradoxically both my refuge and my means of communication. Very early in life, when I failed at everything else in school, my art became my solace. What talent I lacked academically was more than made up for through my art; whereas some people succeed in spite of a disability, I believe I thrive because of mine. Now, with recognition and success, I reach out in my charitable endeavors to help others through my art, especially those with learning differences.