Fundraising with P. Buckley Moss

Nature's Beauty
Fundraising print for Blue Ridge PBS

P. Buckley Moss print editions have been used to raise millions of dollars for charitable organizations worldwide.  Organizations with a large and dedicated membership or donor base may benefit from a commissioned print edition by America’s leading artist and philanthropist.

How it Works

A print by P. Buckley Moss gives your organization:

  • The recognition and endorsement of a world class artist.
  • A way to thank your committed donors.
  • An introduction to thousands of Moss collectors
  • A new way to raise money by selling the print to your supporters. 

Plus your image will be shown with pride in the homes and offices of your supporters providing a great talking point for friends and business associates.         

Greener Pastures

Raising Funds

Your organization raises funds through the resale of the print edition.  You will purchase the prints from P. Buckley Moss Galleries at the special charitable print edition rate – a 50% discount.  You will resell them to your support base at regular retail.  A typical $80 print will therefore earn you $40, for a total of $8,000 when all 200 prints are sold.  You can arrange to take pre-orders and deposits prior to the release of the print.

If your organization is within the market area of an established P. Buckley Moss dealer, we expect you to work with that dealer to promote the prints and offer framing services.

Print editions may retail from $80 per print to $200 or more.

My Faithful Companion
A fundraising print for Canine
Companions for Independence

Is it right for you?

Relay for Life Poster

P. Buckley Moss charitable print editions are usually limited to 250 or 500 prints – more for larger organizations. 

To commission a special fundraising print edition by P. Buckley Moss, your organization must be prepared to commit to purchasing 200 of those prints. 

To achieve success you will need:

  • A highly committed base to draw on for sales.
  • The ability to reach your members and partners with a polished pitch.
  • One person who will drive the project to its conclusion.

Typical organizations include:
Universities, Colleges and High Schools
Sororities and Fraternities
Community Service Organizations
Medical Research

P. Buckley Moss Galleries will help with:

  • Advertising materials-publicity photos, sample prints, artist interviews, etc.
  • Fulfillment-we can offer a range of fee-based services from payment collection to drop shipment.
  • Announcements to Moss collectors and Moss galleries.

Getting Started 

Elect one contact person with authority to enter into an agreement
and send a letter or an email to:

Patty Moss
P. Buckley Moss Galleries, Ltd.
74 Poplar Grove Lane
Mathews, VA  23109

In your letter include:
  • A brief description of your organization
  • How many people you can expect to reach
  • The desired retail price for the print
  • How many prints you can purchase
After this initial contact, we will explore subject matter and schedules prior to framing an agreement.

Spring in Connecticut
Connecticut Public Television Fundraising Print

Download the printable Fundraising Brochure. This brochure is in pdf format.
If you are unable to open the file, we suggest you download the latest version of Adobe Reader.